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On The Myth of Bigfoot

Long before the written word, early civilizations drew pictures of historical events in an effort to record their history for future generations. Today, archaeologists toil to decipher these images in an effort to understand the past and therefore, better understand the present. While many of these ancient glyphs depict the daily lives of hunter and gathering societies, there is one type of common image that is unique from all others. Around the world, archaeologists have found depictions of a large, hairy, human-like form that appears just before the end of these civilizations. Scholars concluded that this image signifies global Armageddon. This large figure is also found in Native American oral traditions that speak of a "huge hairy man" who appears in times of crisis. Recent sightings of a large and hairy "wild" or "free man" in the Pacific Northwestern United States further validate the existence of a rogue presence who comes from the wilderness to signify impending doom.

 We at the Church of Bigfoot, Scientist are strongly committed to the belief that Bigfoot has recently made its presence known to warn humankind of the dangers of unrestrained capitalism. Acting as both messenger and liberator, Bigfoot calls on us to resist exploitation and to undermine the brutal economic condition that we call capitalism. We feel it is our duty to spread the message of Bigfoot in effort to thwart global devastation brought on by rogue capitalism.
There were giants on the earth in those days. (Genesis 6:4)
Rev. Lord

Montani Semper Liberi

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